Our rooms

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Elegant and welcoming with a carefully curated design

Whichever room you choose, the fusion of exemplary service and secluded elegance creates an atmosphere in which a deep sense serenity is the destination

2 people - 60 square metres

Estefania's Suite

Unveiling a world where design and comfort intertwine seamlessly, the Estefanía Suite offers an experience that is both captivating and intimate. This is an invitation to saviour a lifestyle, where every element harmoniously whispers sophistication, all within the splendid embrace of the surrounding tropical gardens, a realm where impecable bespoke service meets an intimate space like no other.


Garden View

2 people - 55 square metres

The Luxury Suite

This exceptional haven seamlessly melds aristocratic elegance with contemporary design, offering you an exclusive escape into the lap of luxury. Sunlight dances through the expansive windows, illuminating a spacious lounge area in which to unwind and let the serenity of the surroundings envelope you. Amidst this refined ambiance, every facet reflects our dedication to crafting an enclave of sophistication.


Garden View

2 people - 35 square metres

The Studio Suite

Indulge in the embrace of tranquility within our Studio Suites, each a luminous haven spanning over 25 square meters. Select your preference, whether it's a balcony with garden views or a private garden retreat, subject to availability. Elegantly designed with a contemporary aristocratic flair, these studios epitomise modern functionality and aesthetic refinement.


Garden View

Modern functionality
and aesthetic refinement.

We are great believers that our surroundings affect our energy, good mood and mental health. That is the main reason why at Estefanía we have thought out every small detail to reflect the harmony in the space.